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The Ultimate Guide to Visit Sagrada Familla

It is every traveller’s wish to visit the holy temple of La Sagrada Familla. It is located in Barcelona city and is known worldwide for its art and architecture.  The architecture style of La Sagrada Familla is quite impressive.

It is quite interesting to visit the gorgeous touring location Sagrada Familla. To enjoy the best experience while visiting the place, the traveller needs to consider certain facts. You can gather required info on websites like TripIndicator where there is detailed information provided for travellers. The dos and don’ts are provided on their page helping tourists to plan their enjoyable trip by avoiding the mistakes usually happening while visiting any place for the first time. While roaming in Barcelona, a tourist may face few difficulties in the new unknown place.

Here are few tips to enjoy Sagrada Familla:

  • There will be a queue in every sightseeing site: As the world-famous holy place is crowded, every person visiting the sight must buy tickets. There are fixed hours to buy the tickets. To avoid the place from being crowded only limited visitors are allowed per day. If you are late, then you may get tickets only for the next day. To avoid standing in queue, you can buy tickets online. If you are low on budget, you need not worry as you can also visit the church for free. Every Sunday mass is conducted in different languages at a fixed time. Thus, can see the interior of the church without any charge. Visitors preferring to attend the mass should arrive before the allocated time as the church is quite popular in Barcelona.
  • Many visitors feel visiting the towers of Sagrada not worth it but this isn’t true. You can see the breath-taking view of the whole city from the towers. You can click scenic photos of the city skyline merging with the mystic outskirts of the city. Most tourists shy away from visiting the towers as they need to pay extra to reach on top. However, walking the spiral staircase to reach the top of towers is quite exciting and worth every penny.
  • Summer isn’t the best season to visit the church. Actually, spring or early winter months will be appropriate time to visit the holy place. Summer will be crowded and hot, and not fit to mingle in the crowd.
  • You need to follow the dress code stated by the church authorities. Like see through clothes, off shoulder dress and non-religious head wear isn’t appropriate to wear while visiting the holy place. In the hot season they allow visitors to tour the place in shorts and hats, however there is a dress code for people attending the mass and for paid visitors.

People attending the mass can visit the crypt. For paid visitors, it is opened to limited period of time. It will be beneficial to buy Sagrada Familla Tower Tickets to feel and appreciate the art and efforts of artisans to create such a beautiful sacred place.

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