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All You Need to Know Abot Blackpool Hotels

If you are thinking of spending your vacation in Blackpool, you should start planning your vacation in advance. Blackpool is the most popular coastal resort in the United Kingdom, visited by 4 million tourists every day, and if you don’t plan your trip thoroughly you may find out there is no vacancy since it is the peak of the tourist season.

Therefore we are offering you a number of hints about Blackpool hotels that will ease your planning activity.

The first thing you should take into consideration is the fact that hotels are divided into four categories based on their location: North Shore hotels, Promenade hotels, Central hotels and Promenade hotels. All of these hotels are situated along a 10-15 minutes walk from Blackpool’s main attractions, so any location would serve you well.

You should also know that all hotels have a traditional looking style as the town has succeeded in preserving its Victorian aspect. Nevertheless all hotels are offering services and facilities of best quality that can satisfy any expectations.

If you are looking for some special services, like bringing your four-legged best friend, many Blackpool hotels are willing to accept it as their guests. There are approximately 23 small pet friendly hotels that will have you and your animal as their guests. Guide dogs are allowed in every Blackpool hotel.

Many Blackpool hotels are welcoming or/and organizing hen or stag parties, so, if you are looking forward to spending a nice and calm vacation in Blackpool, you should check this facility first to avoid loud music and noise. And if you are travelling with children, you will be relieved to know that some Blackpool hotels have children entertainment facilities

There is also luxury accommodation in Blackpool for those looking for a fancier vacation. A number of four-star hotels are waiting to have you as their guests.

Blackpool hotels are also offering a large variety of features and facilities like: swimming pools, handicap facilities, games rooms, library rooms, ironing rooms, conference facilities etc.

So, spending your vacation in Blackpool will definitely satisfy any expectation and you will go back totally refreshed!

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