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The Magnificient Seven Wonders of Temples in India

The people of India celebrate the two major things in India – Sports & Religion. Globally, people know how crazy cricket fans go over a game of cricket but few people know how much of the country’s population bow to spirituality. They show it by visiting place of worship, pilgrimage sites, and service to others. There are several such temples of all sizes all over the country visited by many people. However, in these few years in this land of different cultures I came across some incredible and popular temples of India.

Here are these Seven Wonders of Temples in India with great architecture and artistry that took several people over generations to build.

  1. Kasi Vishwanath Temple

This is one of the oldest ancient temples that has a mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures. This is one of the major pilgrimage sites to many Hindus all over the country. There are two domes that are made with gold plating in this temple that has a great following and several visitors. In the 1700s the Queen of Indore ordered the temple to be rebuilt as it was destroyed by the Emperor of Mughal dynasty. This famous temple in Varanasi has crowds of people who come from various places from around the country and the world to take a Holy Dip in the Ganges believing that they will be freed from sins and attain Moksha.

  1. Akshardham Temple

This is one of the latest temples within the national capital of India – New Delhi. Tis is also one of the largest temples not only in the country but also in the world. So, this temple built by over 11,000 artisans has a place in the Guinness book of world records. Many tourists also visit this temple in addition to the worshipers who experience past spirituality of  more than 10,000 years including the art and architecture, culture and tradition. Explore this temple by travelling through the Palace on Wheels Rajasthan.

Things to See Here

  1. Musical Fountain (Circle of Life)
  2. Sprawling Greenery (60 acres)
  3. Bronze Statues of Honor (Child Heroes /Women/ Warriors)
  4. Garden in the Shape of a Lotus.
  1. Golden Temple

This is one of the temples of golden colored temple of Sikh community in Punjab. This is real gold that weighs around 750 kilograms of gold engraved in the dome. This is the most important temple for Sikhs all over the world with continuous chantings of the Sikh Holy Book here. There are also free food given to people of all religions, caste and age who visit the ‘Langar’. Devotees do services and inspire others to do so.

  1. Mahabodhi Temple

This is one of the oldest temples that worship God Buddha constructed back in the fifth century. This is one of 4 temples dedicated to Buddha as it is the place where he changed and received Enlightenment. There is the descendant trees of the original Bodhi tree under which Buddha meditated and attained within this temple. There is also a huge statue in black stone covered in Gold in the image of Buddha. It is a learning and peaceful experience for visitors and worshipers here.

  1. Vaishno Devi Temple

This is one of the most visited temple in India with over 10 million people visiting annually. As it is located up a hilltop it is a tough trek of 13 kilometers but there are also other options to travel to this shrine. On the way there are several resting places, food joints, and shopping stalls till you reach the top to see the shimmering Katracity below. The devotees trek for hours to the valley where you find the temple cave.

  1. Tirupati Temple

Also known as Tirupati Balaji temple there are millions of people who visit every year. It is a famous pilgrimage site for many devotees and many of them donate large amounts of gold because of this the temple is known as ‘richest temple’. There are several devotees who also donate hair which is a common custom done here.

  1. Meenakshi Temple

This is also one of the oldest temples built in India constructed by a whopping 1000 pillars and Dravidian architecture including 14 gateways and 30,000 colorful vibrant sculptures. The most famous sight is the Hall of Thousand Pillars with ancient creatures carved on the pillars on both sides. It is said that there was a mythical continent Kumari Kandam got destroyed and the native survivors constructed one of the oldest temples in South India.

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