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A Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Reception Venue

Spring is on its way, and this is traditionally a time for people to book their wedding reception venue. There are many things to consider when looking for a suitable venue to hold your wedding reception, and with that in mind, here are some important aspects to consider when searching for the ideal reception venue.

More Than Adequate Facilities

When viewing a local hotel in Bromsgrove, for example, the following facilities are essential:

  1. Ample Overnight Accommodation – Many of your guests will be coming from far-away places and it is important to be able to offer overnight accommodation.
  2. Suitable Dining Hall – The main reception will obviously be a sit down affair, and as you know the number of guests, you can check whether or not the amenities are adequate.
  3. Bar and Refreshment Services – Many of your guests will want to be able to sit quietly with their favourite drink in the hours leading up to the reception, while also recovering the next day.
  4. Ample Parking Facilities – Most hotels would offer adequate parking amenities, but you should always check that they haven’t got another event that coincides with yours, which might leave your guests looking for a parking slot.
  5. Idyllic Surroundings – This will allow your guests to enjoy the grounds at any time during their stay, and providing the weather permits, part of the reception could be held in the grounds.

If you manage to find a venue with all of the above, make a booking now, as many other couples choose this time of year to get married.

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