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Top 7 places to be visited in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, winters are known for the most beautiful scenic natural attractions and wonders. The tourist attractive places of Maharashtra will be rushed with tourists during winters. The historical places, hill stations, and wildlife attractions of Maharashtra are the best tourist spots for a winter vacation in Maharashtra.

Here is the list of top 7 places you have to visit in Maharashtra in January. So pick one from this list for your next winter vacation.

  1. Aurangabad:

In Maharashtra, Aurangabad is a very famous and popular tourist destination at any time not only in winters. The historical monuments, forts, buildings, are the major tourist attractions of Aurangabad. But during winters, the snow-capped mountains in Aurangabad attracts tourists view towards them.

Let’s have a look at the tourist attractions of Aurangabad.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves: Ajanta and Ellora caves are the places which were everyone wants to see in Aurangabad. These caves are known for beautiful architectural styles and carved out famous temples belongs to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Ajanta and Ellora caves are the most important sites to be visited in Aurangabad to see beautiful natural color paintings while travelling through the Deccan Odyssey train.

Bibi Ka Maqbara: Bibi Ka Maqbara is a mausoleum belongs to Aurangzeb’s wife Rabia Durani. This mausoleum is also known as mini Taj Mahal. The garden of the mausoleum is a great attraction to this monument.

Daulatabad Fort: Daulatabad Fort is the major historic fort in Aurangabad located on a hill at a height of 600ft. In winters, this place is the most recommended one due to beautiful views from the hill and garden at the fort.

Salim Ali Lake: During winters, we have to visit natural attractions because there we can enjoy the pleasure of winters. Like that place in Maharashtra is Salim Ali Lake. This one is a bird sanctuary and by the way lake spot.

  1. Ajanta Caves:

Ajanta caves is a UNESCO heritage site which date backs 2nd century BC and 6th century AD. Ajanta caves near Aurangabad is very popular and the most important tourist attraction in Maharashtra. The architectural styles of different temples in the caves and natural paintings of these caves are the major tourist attractions of Ajanta caves.

Totally, there are 29 caves which were dedicated to Buddhism. Each and every cave is known for beautiful architectural styles of murals, frescoes, intricate designs, etc. And the paintings in the caves are marvelous which are made of natural colors and the paintings of different postures and stories of Lord Buddha are the major attractions. And the major attractions of Ajanta caves are Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 4, and Cave 17. Overall, the architect sculptures, architectural styles, and the beautiful paintings of Ajanta caves stand first in Maharashtra to attract tourists.

  1. Mumbai:

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is also the best tourist destination. The busy city is known for some beautiful tourist attractions to see and enjoy. A number of beaches, natural attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, and historical monuments are the major tourist spots in Mumbai. Let’s see what are the places are ideal for winters in Mumbai.

Marine Drive: Marine Drive is a long walkway located alongside Arabian sea is a beautiful and pleasant place in Mumbai. For leisure walks, this place is very perfect to choose. And the nearby Gateway of India is the major historical attraction of Mumbai known for stunning architectural styles.

Beaches of Mumbai: With no doubt, beaches in Mumbai are the ideal spots to enjoy in winters. Beaches in Mumbai looks very serene and pleasant to enjoy the environment of the beach. And the famous beaches of Mumbai are Chowpatty beach, Juhu beach, Aksa beach, Goria beach, etc. But don’t forget to taste the food at the beaches.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park: Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a good place in Mumbai to visit during winters. This park is famous for its wildlife and natural scenic attractions. Here trekking trail is also allowed. After reaching the highest point of the Park you can see the whole of Mumbai at a glance.

And also, don’t forget to see historical attractions of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Rajabai Clock Tower, St.George Fort, Global Vipassana Pagoda etc.

  1. Ellora Caves:

Ellora caves is also a UNESCO heritage site in Maharashtra known for intricate architectural styles and these caves are belongs to the times of 5th century CE to the 10th century CE. Totally there are 34 rock-cut caves and they are dedicated to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Among them 17 are Hindu caves, 12 are Buddhist caves, and 5 are Jain caves. Each and every cave are known for marvelous architectural styles.

The sculptures, inscriptions, drawings, and intricate designs of Ellora caves in different caves are the best examples of architectural temples. The Kailasanath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the major attraction of Ellora caves. The architectural styles and fine carvings of the temple will make everyone to shock. And the major important caves are Cave 21, 29, 30, 32, and 33. These caves showcase beautiful and marvelous architectural styles.

  1. Ratnagiri:

Ratnagiri is a well-known holiday gateway of Maharashtra located alongside Arabian seashores. This city is also known as Port City because Ratnagiri is very close to the sea. Here ancient temples and numerous beaches are the famous tourist attractions of Ratnagiri. Let’s point out them.

Ganapatipule: Ganapatipule is a famous beach and by the way well-known for Lord Ganesha temple. Ganapatipule beach is the best tourist spot with a perfect mix of enjoyment and devotion. This beach in Maharashtra is very popular for adventurous water sports also. And finally, don’t forget to taste food at the beach because here food is very famous.

Ratnagiri Lighthouse: Ratnagiri’s Lighthouse is a great landmark in the town. The height of the tower is 16m high and the radio sensor, storm sensors, and sodium lamp are the facilities of the lighthouse. Near to the lighthouse, Ratnadurg fort is there. It is also a must-visit place in Ratnagiri.

Marleshwar Temple: Marleshwar Temple is a marvelous ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple attracts a large number of people due to its beautiful natural attractions like waterfalls and mountains around the temple.

In addition to this, some of the famous tourist attractions of Ratnagiri are Shri Keshavraj temple, Tilak Ali museum, Pandre Samudra, etc.

  1. Tadoba National Park:

Winters are the ideal time for visiting wildlife sanctuaries. Like that, visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra is the best place to visit in January. Tadoba National Park in Chandrapur district is the largest and oldest national park in India. This park is very popular for tigers. Rich flora and fauna of this National park are the great attractions of the park.

Wildlife attractions of Tadoba National Park are Bengal Tiger, Wild Boars, Gaurs, Spotted Deer, Flying Squirrel, Four Horned Antelope, Sloth Bear, etc and this park is also home for nearly 195 species of birds like Crested Serpent Eagle, paradise flycatcher, etc. Take a jeep ride in the early morning for the best experience of the national park.

  1. Elephanta Caves:

Very close to Mumbai city Elephanta Island is a popular tourist attraction. On the Elephanta Island, Elephanta caves are very popular. These caves belong to AD 450 and AD 750 and these caves are the most ancient one in Maharashtra. Elephanta caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and the fine arts of are the major attractions of the Elephanta caves.

The main attraction of Elephanta caves is 6mt tall and grand structure of Lord Shiva known as “Sadhashiva”. what’s the specialty of this grand structure is the three faces of Lord Shiva which is beautifully carved out.

Know more about the Deccan Odyssey train booking online for this season. Some of the important structures of this caves are ruined. A day trip to Elephanta caves in the middle of the sea will be a memorable trip experience in Maharashtra.

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