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Three Very Unique Camping Tents

The designs of camping tents are becoming more and more innovative. Backpacking tents are getting lighter and lighter. Tents are easier to set up and to take down. They are becoming more durable and more weather-resistant. They are easier to fold away and to store. There are many ways in which camping tents have changed over the years. Of course, a few tents seem to stand about above the rest – at least in terms of how innovative they are.

Check out these unique camping tents:

· BradCamping Luminous Tents – Hey, why not get a tent that glows in the dark? Haven’t you ever wandered off in the middle of the night to use the “bathroom” and then had trouble getting back to your camping site? Well, you would not have to worry about such a thing if you had a luminous tent. Also, the company claims that the warm yellow glow also keeps away insects. I have not had a chance to try one of these, nor have I seen one in person, but it definitely sounds like an interesting idea… of course, if you can see the glow from inside the tent, I imagine that it could be a little difficult to get to sleep! By the way, BradCamping also makes polka-dot tents! Who says that you can not be in style when out camping?

· BlueSky Designs Freedom Tent – This very unique tent won BlueSky Designs a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the US Department of Agriculture. Why? Because they came up with camping tent that people with disabilities (and their families) can use to go camping. Other manufacturers of tents do not usually consider how accessible their tents will be to people with disabilities. The Freedom Tent, however, has a very accessible door – it is zipperless and can be opened easily. Strollers, wheelchairs, and bikes can easily be rolled in. It also has a vestibule to store equipment. Also, this unique tent can be set up from a seated position!

· Advantage Innovations Featherlight Tents – When you are out backpacking, just an extra pound or two can make a huge difference – you can really feel that extra weight. Advantage Innovations realizes this – they figure that the lighter, the better. That is why they have come up with some extraordinarily light backpacking tents. Of course, to make such light tents, a few things must be sacrificed. Head room, for one. There are featherlight tents that can sleep anywhere from 1 to 4 persons – of course, these people cannot sit up! The tent is meant solely for sleeping. There is also an extra “arm” that acts as a storage unit. This unique tents looks like it is from the space age, and perhaps it belongs there, but there are more advantages than just its lightweight – there are also Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents – these will keep you much warmer than a regular tent would. They are also easy to roll up (and they roll to a compact size) and store. Also, the low to the ground design means that they will be rather wind resistant.

These are just three unique tents that are worth taking a look at. There are many other camping tents out there that incorporate many different innovations – these are just three of the most unique ones that I found!

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