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Sail along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast – 14 day itinerary

There is nothing better than sailing in the Mediterranean Sea from harbour to harbour, enjoying beautiful sunsets, stroll historic centers when ashore and go island hopping on a sunny day. Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is a dream destination for a sailing holiday. Coastal cities surrounded by a wonderful decor of mountains and evergreen nature parks, long stretches of beaches and a paradise-like turquoise sea. Rent a yacht charter in Split and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Don’t have an idea for a good travel itinerary. Let us give you some inspiration for the ultimate 14 day sailing itinerary along the Dalmatian Coast, including the top islands to visit in Croatia.

Day 1 Trogir or Split

The charming UNESCO heritage village Trogir is a hidden gem along Croatia’s coastline. Often overlooked by the city Split, this village is located on its own little island. It is surrounded by large town walls that used to defend the village agains invasians. Its center is made of cobble stone paths leading you to restaurants and shops.

Day 2 Split

The historic center of Split may well be invaded by tourists, it still hasn’t lost its charm. It is the largest city on the Adriatic coast and walking on the narrow lanes of the center brings you to several cathedrals, hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy some great seafood dishes.

Day 3 Hvar

Despite being a small bay town, Hvar is one of the most popular stops for island hopping. This is where celebrities are often spotted. The glamourous charm hanging over it, gives away why it is often referred to as the French Riviera of the Adriatic.

Day 4 Korcula

With vineyards, olive groves and several small villages and hamlets, it’s hard to blame Marco Polo why he stayed  here for a main part of his life. Why further exploring if you have found your paradise with marble streets, monuments, towers and dense forests covering the island?

Day 5 Polace

Want to get away from it all? Polace is one of the best places to leave your yacht as it is well protected. Meanwhile you can hike or bike your way to the saltwater lakes of the national park.

Day 6 Sipan Island

Sipan Island is the largest of a group of islands lying just a few miles off coast. The main part of the island is unspoilt and dense forested. Mooring your yacht is best at Sipanska Luka, the largest village on the island and which has a ferry terminal.

Day 7 Dubrovnik

Walking through the streets of the Old Center of UNESCO protected and spectacularly beautiful city of Dubrovnik is often the highlight of a holiday in Croatia. A walk on the stone walls dating back from the 15th century to protect the city against an invasion should not be missed as well. The views on the Adriatic Sea are breathtaking.  

Day 8 Slano

This small inlet close to Dubrovnik makes a good day trip as it has a few good local restaurants and bars.

Day 9 Pomena

The island Miljet is actually a national park, so needless to say this is considered as the most beautiful island along the coastline. It is the greenest of all, covered with a dense Mediterranean pine forest. Veliko and Malo Jezero, two lakes on the island, are the top attractions here, as well as the monastery idyllically situated in the middle of Veliko.

Day 10 Uble

Lastavo island is one of the less visited islands because of the five hour ferry ride from Split. Still, the thick forests and dramatic coastline make it worth visiting nonetheless.

Day 11 Vela Luka

Little port at the western tip of Korcula island.

Day 12 Vis

Vis is the most mysterious of all islands. It served as a military base until 1989.

Day 13 Milna

Moor up on the waterfront village Milna on the island Brac before exploring the largest island further on foot. Secluded bays and mediterranean landscapes with pine trees give you the relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for during your holiday in Croatia.

Day 14 Return to Split

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